NextBee Gamification Platform, The Ultimate Engagement Tool

Integrating NextBee’s gamification platform into any business process is a highly effective way to increase engagement from the target audience.

Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase `in the number of multi-national companies that apply the NextBee solution to activities like:

  • Training in Organizations and Schools
  • Engaging Customer’s with Company’s offerings
  • Increasing Work Performance
  • Website and In-App Engagement
  • Healthcare Monitoring and Assessment

Mechanics of NextBee Gamification

At NextBee, we understand the concept of gamification is a combination of psychology and gaming technology; for this reason, our gamification solution is integrated with the following motivators;

Program Advancement

Our “Level Up” structure of gamification will incrementally unlock access to activities and rewards and provide users a visible next steps and ability to unlock activities or even rewards based on their level of participation.

Customized Badges

Badges earned based on flexibles rules to target engagement trough social credit and showcasing a visible reminder of what would be lost if a benchmark is not met.

Motivating Rewards

a) In addition to recognition or ‘bragging rights’ NextBee platforms are designed to offer users limitless incentives as rewards commensurate to their activities or achievement.

b) The NextBee solution also tracks and rewards targeted gamification activities such as; regular commenting, educating other users, social post, surveys, quizzes among many others. These are useful techniques deployed to encourage ongoing user participation.

Engagement Through Competition

Easily create dynamic, individual and group leaderboards recognizing top performers along with regular contests designed to increase performance through competition

Community Engagement

Automated newsfeed for all users to see targeting social recognition of gamification achievements, such as when performance levels are gained, when a badge is earned, or special access is unlocked, and even when rewards are won. 

Ongoing Engagement

Gamification campaigns such as sweepstakes and monthly drawings can be configured at pre-set intervals to make sure users are engaged through the lifecycle of the gamification program.

Game On!

NextBee gamification solution is deployed with state of the art technology for boosting the success of a gaming mechanism within a non-gaming context. Nextbee enhances the platform with technology features such as;


NextBee admin controls allows for configuration of nearly unlimited number of player segments. Which then allows for easy creation of specific activities, reward options or even restrict user access based on target segment.

Triggered Notifications

Automated, triggered communication based on targeted user segments ensures we get the right message to the right audience, without any manual effort from your team.

Enhanced Admin Control

With an intuitive admin dashboard, NextBee’s platform is designed to provide complete control and performance visibility to your program administrators.

Seamless Tracking Options

With flexible tracking options, NextBee offers the control to your IT team to dictate how gamification activities will be tracked.

Single Sign-on

Our Platform is enabled as a single sign-on setup for easy use of your existing user login, leading to the seamless integration of all gamification features and activities within the current user portal.

API Integration

Our platform has existing integration with most eComm, CRM, HRM, LMS and ERP systems. And with an extensive list of NextBee APIs, you can rest assured we have the right integration approach to meet your business objectives.

Enjoy your Cruise Control

NextBee understands that the primary attribute to program success is to allow you to have control over the application modalities, hence NextBee gamification solution is designed with smart controls that enable;

Comprehensive Tracking

a) Integrated support for tracking multi-channel and multi-step user activities which continuously improves gaming strategies. 

b) It is intended for Easy on-site monitoring of gamification activities and interactions such as engagement, achievement, and payout.

Tiered Admin Control

Our technology is designed to allow your program admin maintain total control as game master, including the ability to add approval steps into the flow of acknowledging and rewarding activity. Different levels of admin access can be provided based on Admin Role.

Easy to Use Campaign Notifications

Built in program notification and triggers allow you to quickly and easily send ad-hoc or regular monthly emails to all or segments of users.

Mobile freedom

NextBee gamification is enabled for mobile devices with an extension to mobile apps. A Custom built and branded mobile application puts your gamification program right into the pocket of every user.

Wouldn’t you Rather Partner with NextBee?

Our rich history of providing quality gamification solutions and excellent customer service has made us a long trusted name
in various boardrooms; thus, we always make big promises and more importantly, stay true to the promises pledged as: 

  • Regular seeding of gamification messages, including play invitations and content promotion, throughout different media sites.
  • Dedicated support portal for any user in need of assistance with a particular program, feature, or an understanding of how the program works.
  • Support for analyzing data and identifying engagement patterns to understand which gamification features work best for you.
  • Custom-built and branded graphics and other artwork that match the application look and feel of your current site.
  • Easy to follow icon-based 'how-to' guides and entertaining support videos to both encourage new users and keep them playing.
  • Media engagement kits for your gamification program, including launch date, user anniversaries, birthdays and any other days you deem necessary.

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