NextBee Referral Program; The Feature Rich Solution for Increasing Sales

Word of mouth which is the traditional method of referral is the oldest and most trusted marketing technique to increase leads. Over the years, businesses have leveraged on this and adopted millennial techniques to influence referrals.

NextBee Referral Solution

Implementing a referral opportunity for your customers is key to promoting your marketing strategy towards increasing leads and new customer acquisition: this we understand at NextBee; thus, we offer a best in class referral solutions built around pivotal motivators to drive high-quality referrals.

Customized Referral Dashboard

Your customers will have access to a branded referral dashboard with easy to access sharing tools and clear visibility into the referrer’s performance and rewards.

Social Sharing

NextBee’s social dashboard creates simple reference distribution with nearly every social media site

Email Sharing with Contact Import

Users easily send customer referral invitations through email widgets featuring no-fuss current contacts import.

Printable Cards

Printed cards extend customer referral tracking offline, allowing for easy introductions to take place anywhere and anytime.

Customized Links

Customized vanity customer referral links help encourage email marketing and active sharing by personalizing the experience.


Dynamic program leaderboards provide motivation and keep everyone reaching for more points.

Tiered Rewards

It Encourages specific behaviors through user segmentation and targeted rewards.

NextBee - Strategy Driven

With NextBee smart controls and an extensive list of promotions, our platform is dedicated to the long-term growth of your referral program. From referral to redemption our platform is enhanced for:


Generate viral buzz with catchy posts embedded with tracking links.

Customizable Rewards

Develop your rewards - custom combinations of popular referrer or referee rewards, and even promotion partner rewards.

Identifying and Engaging Influencers

Proactively recruit major social influencers and deploy specific engagement strategies just for them.

Continuous User Engagements

Regularly run promotional sweepstakes and contests to maintain a high level of enthusiasm for the referral rewards program.

Drive More Revenues with Highly Sophisticated Technology

NextBee Referral program solutions are deployed on highly advanced platforms and powered by undisputable ‘millennial-best’ technology to ensure your program is always cutting edge. 

Secure Single Sign-On

Make it easy on everyone by using current customer account login for the referral program.

Integrated Fraud Detection

Increase confidence and proactively blocks suspicious behavior patterns.

Unlimited Coverage

Grow your referral rewards program beyond your borders with easy Internationalization roll-out and 24/7 support.

Comprehensive Tracking System 

Track each step and every part of any multi-step sales process to identify and reduce critical friction points.

Cross-channel entry points

Allow complete integration of my account, Facebook, and order confirmation pages, as well as specialized microsites.

Mobile Ready

Stay current with quick, responsive and mobile friendly pages and on-the-go referral features.

The NextBee Promise

We evaluate our excellent performance through the satisfaction of over 300 leading brands; Over the years, we always made big promises and more importantly we stay true to our commitments pledged as:

  • Expert assistance in deciding incentive structures based on a knowledge base of extensive experience.
  • Creative copywriting services and content included; to support the growth of your referral program
  • Periodic on-site meetings to analyze and evaluate program performance.
  • Quality graphic design assistance to enhance your referral program’s message and increase its effectiveness.
  • Custom support portals to quickly assist any user who has a question and provide needed guidance.
  • Fulfillment support for nearly any reward – cash, gift cards, physical items, and much, much more.

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