NextBee Employee Referral Program Overview

NextBee employee referral program allows you to turn your employees into experienced recruiters effortlessly. Over the years, our solution has enabled decision makers to acquire, manage seamlessly and hire candidates referred by existing employees. Furthermore, our core focus is on automation to eliminate manual effort for our clients from submission to incentive fulfillment.

Features of NextBee’s Employee Referral Program

NextBee offers a robust platform for a successful employee referral program. The program is bordered around; enabling employees to recommend a qualified friend, family or associate into a pool of skilled prospects and the users getting commensurate incentives.

Full Flow Tracking

Track referrals through every step of the process in your ATS - from initial application submitted to a completed hire or assignment

Configurable Referral Bonus

Adjust referral bonus for any position based on its position title or the urgency to hire

Built-in Communication

A robust communication tool keeps your employees updated on the status of their referrals and allows you to build automated, targeted offers for influencers and top performers.

Easy to Use Sharing Tools

NextBee’s referral dashboard creates simple referral sharing with almost every social media site, email platform, and direct referral submission, and even provides tools for employees to refer their friends offline.

Rewards After Assignments

The flexibility to award referrers only after the assignment completes.

Position Level Sharing

Allow employees to share the exact position that best matches their friend’s experience and qualifications.

Vanity URLs

Customized vanity employee referral links help encourage email marketing and active sharing by personalizing the experience.

Influence Recruitment

Proactively recruit key talent influencers and deploy specialized engagement strategies just for them.

Best in Class Technology

NextBee employee referral platform is implemented as a white label product giving your employees a seamless experience. This is supported by our state of the art technology with unmatchable features such as;

Multi-Touch Point Integration

Allow employees to share anywhere and everywhere by giving them access through a responsive, white labeled site, SSO, or even a dedicated mobile app.

Single Sign On

Make it easy on everyone by using current employee portal login for the referral program.

Seamless Integration

NextBee’s employee referral platform has existing integration with most major ATS systems along with may additional integration options. You can be rest assured that you will never hit a brick wall with NextBee.

Comprehensive Tracking System 

Track each step and every part of any multi-step application process to identify and reduce critical friction points.

Integrated Fraud Detection

Increase confidence and proactively blocks suspicious behavior patterns.

Mobile Ready

All program features work on mobile devices with the extension of a responsive App.

Security Control

Baked-in fraud control features and user blacklisting exceed industry standards for the protection of the integrity of your program. 

Complete Automation

From candidate referral to redemption of incentive, our platform is focused on automating the entire employee referral process and thereby eliminate manual effort from your team.

Our Service Commitment to you 

At NextBee, our aim is to build a long-lasting relationship with you. The hub of the personalized relationship is our service commitment expressed in our promise of a satisfactory solution. 

  • Expert assistance in deciding incentive structures based on a knowledge base of extensive experience.
  • Creative copywriting services including content; supporting the growth of your program.
  • Regularly occurring one-on-one focused meetings on analyzing and evaluating program performance.
  • Quality graphic design assistance to enhance your referral program’s message and increase its effectiveness.
  • Custom support portals to quickly assist any user who has a question and provide needed guidance.
  • Fulfillment support for nearly any reward – cash, gift cards, physical items, and much, much more.

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