NextBee’s Sales Contest Solution

NextBee’s Contest engine is a robust platform for designing, implementing and evaluating sales competition. With automatic triggers, it allows business owners deploy and track innovative competitions both online and offline.

Feature of NextBee Sales Contest Program

At NextBee, we understand that a sales contest is an effective way to boost overall sales, motivate the team, and reward relative outstanding achievements. Thus, we strategically build our program around key motivators and ensure that it has unmatchable features such as;

Branded Dashboard

Personalized dashboard makes it easy for users to track points, view current standing in the contest and redeem rewards.

Customized Badges

Badges earned based on level of performance display the next visible milestone and act as a reminder of what would be lost if benchmarks are not met.

Gamification of Competition

Contests designed for promotion and fun, including dynamic leaderboards, recognize and reward top performers.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Increase performance through social credit and allow employees to provide kudos to their peers for achieving and surpassing sales goals.

Motivating Rewards

In addition to recognition or ‘bragging rights’ NextBee platforms are designed to offer users limitless incentives as rewards commensurate to their activities or achievement.

Built to Meet Expectations

The gap between your requirements to optimize sales and an excellent ROI is bridged with our smart controls that possesses features such as;

Regular Employee Feedback

Built in surveys and feedback mechanism allow employees to give feedback on what is working great for them or challenges they face, so that you can to help optimize your sales process.

Visible Scorecard

Our intelligent control allows the program participants to keep track of sales activities continuously.

Rule Configurator

NextBee’s smart controls allow you to easily create targeted rules around the sale of specific products, product categories, time of sale or a combination of multiple attributes.

Set Multiple Objectives

Based on sales goals, our platform is designed to set multiple contest objectives or sales targets.

Flexible Reward Control

The NextBee smart control can be configured to allow participants either accumulate points towards an attainable milestone or instantly receive an incentive.

Best In Class Technology

NextBee Solution is deployed as a white label product giving you customized ownership over state of the art technology guaranteed to give you ultimate satisfaction with unmatchable features such as:

Multi-Touch Point Integration

Allow employees to access the contest dashboard anywhere by providing access through a responsive, white labeled site, SSO, or even a dedicated mobile app.

Single Sign On

Make it easy for everyone by using current employee portal credentials for the contest login.

Seamless Integration and Tracking

NextBee readily integrates with most major CRM and ERP systems. With many additional tracking options, you can be rest assured that we will never hit a brick wall.

Mobile Ready

All program features work on mobile devices with the extension of a responsive App.


Easily identify and further engage top performers with targeted rewards tailored specifically to their segment.

Our Service Commitment to you

At NextBee, our aim is to build a long-lasting relationship with you. The hub of the personalized relationship is our service commitment expressed in our promise of a satisfactory solution.

  • Expert assistance in deciding incentive structures based on a knowledge of extensive experience.
  • Creative contest design including content; supporting the growth of your program.
  • Regularly occurring one-on-one focused meetings on analyzing and evaluating program performance.
  • Comprehensive support to quickly assist any user who has a question and provide needed guidance.
  • Fulfillment support for nearly any reward – cash, gift cards, physical items, and much.
  • Advanced tracking of users’ engagement with special offers to continually optimize participation.
  • Nextbee hosts group webinars and special offers training for sales agents and franchises.

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