Employee Onboarding, 
A Strategy to Reduce Turnover rate

Employee Onboarding within a workforce is essential for;

  • New Hire Orientation
  • Aligning a New Hire with the company culture and values
  • Supporting a New Hire to full productivity

Thus, organizations with a structured onboarding process record 61% greater productivity and 56% better retention rate.

NextBee Employee Onboarding Solution for your Organization

At NextBee we understand that an employee onboarding program should accommodate different processes within an organization. Per deploying a versatile program that supports new hire success, our solution features include;

Leverage on the Best Technology

With NextBee Employee Onboarding program, the conventional use of technology in filtering job seekers profiles to find the best fit is extended to onboarding new hires.


The platform saves valuable time by auto-populating same information across multiple forms and domains.

Single Sign-on

NextBee onboarding platform allows access to all business domain with a single validated credential.

Electronic Signatures

Enables new hire to sign documents remotely and get approval faster

Multiple access points

Allows complete integration with business and social domains thus enabling an impressive onboarding experience.

Mobile Ready

The program is designed for mobile access with an extension of mobile application widgets to increase engagement

Push Notification

NextBee onboarding program aims to eliminate communication gap between the new hire and organization hence they instantly get appropriate instructions or notifications on their phones.


The platform allows the new hire share personal information on SSL secure pages.

Custom Configurations

NextBee program platform is enhanced with different configurations based on your business requirements.

Our Commitment to you

At NextBee, we are always committed to helping our numerous clients achieve a significant return on their investments; and it is our purpose for delivering customized solutions to multi-national organizations. Over the years, we always make big promises and more importantly we keep right to the promises pledged as:

Enhanced Support

Expert assistance in designing a structured program.

Offer Analytical tools

The platform is embedded with application analytic tools which enable data-driven decisions.

Continues Assessments

Evaluation integration to support continual improvement of onboarding experience.

Qualitative Adaptation for New Hire

a) Create amplified awareness to engage new hire on multi-channels.

b) Support new hire through adaptation activities and reward milestones based on business goals. 

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