Turnkey Loyalty Solution

Boost Retention and Engagement with the Best-in-Class Branded Loyalty Program that Fits Your Budget and Launch Timeline.

Zero Fixed Cost & Fits Every Timeline!
Plus Pay Only For Results*

*($1 - $5 per 1000 Activities Tracked)

Platform That Delivers Results Under Budget

Our Loyalty platform has the most plug and play modules and that enables you to launch just the right program that is custom tailored to your members quickly. What's more - our API based system allows you to extend and customize the program to truly integrate into your business processes and get buy in from all the stakeholders.

Single Sign-On

The configuration enables full integration with existing website, including your shopping cart, for a seamless experience for all loyalty program users.

Push Notification

Send targeted offers directly to your participants' mobile devices and make sure your offers and communication has high visibility rates.

Seamless Integration

Readily available integration with all the main eCommerce, POS, ERPs and CRM systems ensures your loyalty program can track every interaction and activity.

Limitless Reward Options

Excite your program participants with our flexible rewards structure. Offer discounts or credits towards your own products or 3rd party incentives such as e-gift cards, physical items, charity donations or cash incentives, and even intangible rewards like holidays and travel incentives.

Built for Mobile

A dedicated, white-labeled mobile app available for your program participants to connect with your brand at all times and access important updates and offers in real time

Built In Fraud Controls

Multiple safeguards built to negate program misuse and ensure every purchase, credit, segment, channel, activity and reward is tracked and monitored.

Extensive Admin Control

Custom-Configured Admin controls to ensure you have complete control over your loyalty campaign to create ad-hoc rules, define targeted user segments and monitor performance for every aspect of your Loyalty Program.

Flexible Rule Configurator

Enables giving bonuses for any number of loyalty program activities, including interactions with a specific brand, category, and time of purchase.

Only with NextBee, You Get

Big Data Analytics

You benefit from big data analytics to model your program based on user segments and optimization KPIs to get the best returns from your program


Use our smart rules system to personalize activities and incentives to users based on segmentation tied to profile attributes, engagement level, earned incentives, and much more

Solution Suite

We offer a complete suite of engagement, advocacy, and social promotions solution. With NextBee, you never face any brick walls and are able to offer unified branded experience that covers every interaction you want in your program.

Plus, every program comes with its own custom, dedicated iOS and Android mobile app!

NextBee has been tremendous in putting in place all the variables for us to be successful!

Mary Veloske

Vice President - Eniva USA

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Zero Fixed Cost & Fits Every Timeline! Plus Pay Only For Results*

*($1 - $5 per 1000 Activities Tracked)

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