Turnkey Referral Solution

With Our Mobile Optimized Referral Platform and Extensible APIs, Launch Your Successful Referral Program - Under Budget and On Schedule.

It's Free to Start & Fits Every Timeline!
Plus Pay Only For Results*

*($1 to $5 Per Active Referrer Based on Number of Participants)

Platform That Delivers Results Under Budget

With our feature rich referral platform and extensible APIs you are able to build highly successful referral programs custom tailored to your users

Customized Referral Dashboard

Your customers will have access to a branded referral dashboard with easy to access sharing tools and clear visibility into the referrer’s performance and rewards.

Robust Social Sharing

NextBee’s intuitive dashboard allows quick personal messaging and easy sharing across all major social media sites.

Email Sharing with Contact Import

Users easily send customer referral invitations through email widgets featuring no-fuss current contacts import.

Built for Mobile

All of NextBee’s sharing tools and features are built to be mobile ready, so your customers can refer no matter where they are!

Printable Cards

Printed cards extend customer referral tracking offline, allowing for easy introductions to take place anywhere and anytime.

Vanity Unique URLs

Customized Vanity Links creates a personalized experience and allows for seamless tracking.


Dynamic leaderboards create competition and provides motivation to participants to reach for higher rankings.

Tiered Rewards

Encourage your referrers to reach for higher and higher rewards through continuous participation.

Only with NextBee, You Get

Big Data Analytics

You benefit from big data analytics to model your program based on user segments and optimization KPIs to get the best returns from your program


Use our smart rules system to personalize activities and incentives to users based on segmentation tied to profile attributes, engagement level, earned incentives, and much more

Solution Suite

We offer a complete suite of engagement, advocacy, and social promotions solution. With NextBee, you never face any brick walls and are able to offer unified branded experience that covers every interaction you want in your program.

Plus, every program comes with its own custom, dedicated iOS and Android mobile app!

NextBee has been tremendous in putting in place all the variables for us to be successful!

Mary Veloske

Vice President - Eniva USA

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It's Free to Start & Fits Every Timeline! Plus Pay Only For Results*

*($1 to $5 Per Active Referrer Based on Number of Participants)

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