Turnkey Fan Engagement Platform

Boost Retention and Engagement with the Best-in-Class Fan Engagement Program that Fits Your Budget and Launch Timeline.

Zero Fixed Cost & Fits Every Timeline!

Plus Pay Only For Results*

*($1 - $5 per 1000 Activities Tracked)

Trusted by Leading Brands - Loved by Small Businesses

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A Platform That Delivers Results Under Budget

With our feature rich fan engagement platform and extensible APIs you are able to build the engagement programs custom tailored to your users

Robust Analytics

Benefit from robust and in-depth analytics,
all of which are based on user segments
and KPI optimizations, so you can quickly
make adjustments for getting the best ROI from your program.


By using our Smart Rules System, which
is based on profile attributes, engagement levels, earned incentives, and much more, you are able to personalize activities and incentives for your end users

Solution Suite

A complete engagement, advocacy, & social promotions solution suite. Our experience allows you to quickly overcome normal development obstacles & offer a unified branded experience covering every interaction you could want.

Every program comes with its own custom, dedicated iOS and Android mobile app!

Built for Mobile!

Integrate with Existing Mobile Apps
or Get a Dedicated Branded App for Free!

Support for both iOS and Android Apps.

Our Premium Benefits

Event Updates and Check-In

Give your fans access to upcoming events and gatherings. Your fans can even check-in live at your events through built-in location tracking technology

Active News Feed

Keep your fans in the loop with updates and news directly sent to their branded mobile app. Your fans can even share this content on all social media channels and become brand ambassadors.

Preference Based Content

Configure the challenges and activities for your fans based on their preference, profile and level of activity. Reward your top fans with exclusive content for their loyalty

Fun and Trivia

Add interactive games to supercharge engagement. Reward fans that know the most about brand with fun daily trivia.

Robust Social Engagement

Allow fans to easily share your news, events, videos, pictures or any content across all their social channels. Get fans to follow you across social platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and more!

Contests and Sweepstakes

Regular contests can be designed for promotion and fun, including dynamic leaderboards showcasing top users and featuring grand prizes

Targeted Push Notifications

Created targeted offers and notifications sent directly to your fan’s smart phones. Add call to actions with deep links so fans can take immediate action.

Rich Media Access

Incorporate Videos, photo galleries, blogs and other forms of content for your fans to access anywhere they are.

NextBee has been tremendous in putting in place
all the variables for us to be successful!

Mary Veloske

Vice President

We're Excited to Make

Your Program Successful!

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