Advocate Marketing Solution

At Nextbee we have identified the most efficient methodology to help companies continuously connect and deepen their relationship with their advocates over multiple channels.

Features of NextBee Advocacy Marketing Platform

Over the years, NextBee has helped over 300 brands to implement the needed solution for organizing and mobilizing their advocates using the right functionalities,

  • Personalized Social activities attributed by the users' demographics,customized around the company goals and activities of the interaction point.
  • An automated reward structure where engaged users are rewarded with incentives commensurate to their involvement with predefined activities.
  • The NextBee solution is also configured to encourage referrals and intelligently reward users accordingly.
  • The solution offers unlimited excitement with a continual flow of new and relevant activities that will continually encourage users to engage with your social sites.
  • With integration of gamification and leaderboards, the NextBee solution is designed to create friendly competition amongst advocates, and identify and recognize top performers while motivating others to reach for higher ranks.
  • NextBee solution channels are enabled to provide credits for both onsite and offsite engagement activities; it is a useful technique to build awareness for the subject brand. 

How we Fix it?

Our solution is guaranteed for optimization using NextBee smart control features;

Variety of Activities

Limitless, and exciting inbuilt activities that will keep users active and engaged for a prolonged time.

Analytical Platform

Our admin dashboard provides in-depth analysis of engagement patterns, advocate social media activity, and more. This allows you to constantly optimize your program, develop targeted offers, and create detailed profiles for each advocate.

Automated Outbound Campaign Triggers

Auto-triggered emailmessagingto brand advocates.

Explosive Awareness

Integrated ability for sales reps and franchisees to easily promote local and relevant offers through nearly all social media sites.

Integrated with Social Domains

Integration with your user's favorite social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram, with future access to new sites, included.

Reward Fulfillment

Integrated ability to offer commissions for different program activities.

Applied Mechanics

NextBee deploys the customized solution using a vast arsenal of expert resources and scalable technology with unbeatable features:

Ability to track pipeline activities

Track leads and sales that result from advocacy; even if the generated actions occur offline though printed cards.

Functional integration

a) Synchronize CRM software with your social media-generated data for complete tracking of every interaction.

b) Deep integration with nearly all leading social publishing tools ensures easy access to social media sites through preferred applications.

Automated Redemption

Automated fulfillment of rewards credit for events, including specialized offers, service credits, and coupons.

Advocate Segmentation

With our simple configuration of segmented offers and bonus credits, you can quickly direct different social media activities to your target audience.

NextBee's Commitment to you.

At NextBee, we are always committed to helping our numerous clients increase their ROI, and it is our purpose for delivering customized solutions to multi-national organizations. Over the years, we always make big promises and more importantly we keep true to the promises pledged as:

  • Proactive analytical tools for the discovery, recruitment, and promotion of social media influencers from your active user base.
  • Creative contest design including content; supporting the growth of your program.
  • One-on-one engagement with your program most active social media users to help grow both their influence and your program.
  • Custom guides and engaging videos that introduce the user to the program and invite them to join activities.
  • Expert assistance with setting up targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to better target potential users not yet active.
  • Guidance on generating and placing highly shareable seed content and encouraging your program users to share it with their associates.
  • Quick notifications whenever a user creates a new post and comprehensive feedback analysis.

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