Nextbee Partnership Program 

NextBee Partnership program is the perfect solution for inducing partners to upselling or cross-selling each other’s product or service for a long term complementary bond.

Grow Sales with NextBee Partnership Program  

Over the years, NextBee has customized and implemented different business solutions that seamlessly fit into the sales process of over 300 multi-national companies; Our program promotes smart client marketing incentivized to encourage commitment and loyalty among partners.

Powerful Sales Combination

Expert recommendations on which product offers will most likely achieve success when bundled and bought together.

Easy Order Submission

Allow partnership to submit orders directly to your systems.

Seamless Tracking 

Flexible tracking options to make sure all partner transactions are tracked.

Timely Broadcast

Targeted broadcasts to provide first-to-know offers to partner clients.

Partner Promotions

Special discounts offered to customers based on partner relationship.

Automated Rewards

Automatically reward partners with bonus points for upselling activities. Also, allocate points for reaching a specified order amount.

Milestone Rewards

Celebrate and reward partners for reaching valuable sales milestones.

Optimize Your Program with Unmatchable Features of NextBee Smart Controls

A partnership program is an effective marketing technique that can have a positive influence on the productivity and revenue of partners. However, it can be vulnerable to the risk that can arise from limited controls and incorrect program focus. Hence the NextBee program is designed for:


Regularly send special offers and coupons for upgraded or bundled purchases based on your criteria and your partner's profile.

Targeted Promotions

Optimize ROI by created targeted rules and bonus rewards for partners to promote specific products or product categories.

Seamless Integration

Easily import or export transactional data within the network of partners.


Identify active and inactive partners, sales behavior patterns, and other key segments using NextBee’s intuitive segmentation controls.

Amplified Awareness

Place upsell products in a bundle and periodically send reminders to extend the value of product promotions.

Flexible Redemption Offers

Provide limitless reward options to partners including third party rewards and credit or discounts towards your own products.

Next Generation Technology

At NextBee we deploy our solution with state of the art technology; we guarantee the best mechanism with superior functional features like;


Flexible upsell configurator can create bundled promotions targeting specific goals, such as customer acquisition, using variables like product category, SKU, and brand.


End-to-end integration with all sales activities creates an engaging encounter for partners on several interfacing activities.

Administrative Control

Admin ability to monitor bundled products and manually reward upsell offers during any step in the sales process.


Baked-in API support to easily export and import upsell suggestions, so you can quickly adjust the configuration of any particular product offer.

Customer Support

Support for partner account adjustments based on returns, refunds, charge-backs and other program issues that may arise.

Customized parameters

Personalized opt-out and opt-in preference settings for each of your customers increases buy-in by extending control over what bundles and offers they receive.

Promise Fulfilment for a Long-Term Relationship

At NextBee, we are so certain our solution will efficiently bridge the gap between your requirements and your desired association with partners which eventually creates a network of advocates; thus, we pledge our scalable commitments as:

Giving immeasurable Insights

Expert guidance during the set-up of initial offers, with positioning and placement of bundles and upsell items.

Integrating a Forecasting mechanism

Integrated A/B testing allows you to create and test a variety of upsell offers and product bundles to gain an understanding of what works best with your partners.

Creative Contents at no Extra Cost

Professional design of custom interstitial pages, including multiple banners, with the right mix of visual cues and incentives.

Providing automated Analytic system

Easy set-up of regular, automatic monitoring with the ability to quickly adjust all product bundles and upsell offers made to your customers.

Explicit Segmentation

Custom segmentation of both shoppers and products based on the rate of upselling adoption, including multiple types of product bundles.

Automated Outbound Campaign

Professional copywriting services provided for all auto-triggered emails and other targeted messages.

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