NextBee Member Perks Program

Our experience and passion for helping brands grow a community of loyal members has made it possible for us to help over 300 business stand out from competitors using creative and customized marketing campaigns like offering member perks.

Exclusive Features of Member Perks by NextBee

The NextBee Member Perks Program combines the best solution functions and proven methodology to enable you to attract and retain the best members for your organization.

Rewards and Perks

Offer your users the best in class rewards and perks in your member perk program, whether it is a 3rd party gift card, physical item, trip or experiential rewards, NextBee has you covered.

Exclusive Content

Allow members access to exclusive and useful content not available to the public, from whitepapers to articles and more.

Mobile Apps

Give your users the flexibility and freedom to use their perks wherever they are with an integrated mobile app, for both Google Play Store and iTunes.

Giveaways and Sweepstakes

Give members access to enter sweepstakes and giveaways just for being a member. You have full flexibility into what prizes to offer.


Give users a discount to 3rd party offerings.


Dedicated support portal for any user in need of assistance with a program, feature, or an understanding of how the program works.

Detailed Insights

Comprehensive analysis of redemption patterns and your user’s activities, ensuring that your program has the best perks for your demographic.

Members Only Access

Limit some program access to members only while enticing new customers to join.

Control and optimize your solution for success

with our Program Smart Control features which includes,

Flexible Rule Configurator

Enables giving bonus points and rewards to segments of members or members who complete specific activities.

Targeted Outbound Campaigns

Re-engaging dormant members through special promotional credits that entice the member back to defined programs.

Configurable Settings

Uncover valuable insights with advanced analytics that help you segment and analyze patterns of activity and member’s behavior.

Built-In Gamification

Encourage members to be active participants by adding game mechanics to your Member Perks Program encourage engagement through competition or create a rewarding badge structure, awarding members for level of engagement, tenure and more.

We Promise to Increase your Brand Advocates

At NextBee, we are always committed to helping our numerous clients increase their ROI, and it is our purpose for delivering customized solutions to multi-national organizations. Over the years, we always made big promises and more importantly we stay true to our commitments pledged as:

  • Expert assistance in designing a structure that ensures your program entices users with the right mix of incentives.
  • Identify and re-activate dormant users through a mixture of interaction, engagement, and incentives.
  • Relevant Content at no Extra Cost
  • A/B testing and evaluation integration to support continual improvement with loyalty messaging, incentives, and periodic promotional offers for members.
  • Our trained personnel with extensive experience provide the best practices for advertising campaigns based on successful programs.

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