NextBee – Sweepstakes Platform

NextBee Sweepstakes program is an effective marketing strategy that has helped over 300 companies achieve tremendous benefits such as:

  • Save marketing expenditure budgets
  • Continuously build their email database
  • Get insight into the target audience interest
  • Create necessary awareness and social buzz

NextBee Program is All You Need

Regardless of the company size and business requirements, NextBee campaigns has the beneficial features you need.

Virtually Limitless Prizes

Whether it is a trip, a physical item or third party gift cards NextBee has the capabilities to help fulfilling these rewards.

Personalized activities

Program activities that relate to your users’ habits on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites with easy integration.


Deep analysis of engagement patterns and your user’s social media activity, leading to the development of demographic and psychographic profiles

Single Sign-On

Allow target audience access all the campaigns with a single credential verified once.


Give users entries for a plethora of activities such as regular commenting, educating other users, social posts, and even referral quotas.

Online or Offline

Ability to efficiently provide additional credits for onsite and offsite social media activities that support building awareness for your brand's message.


Leaderboards based on successful entries provide increased social standing amongst top performers while providing motivation for others to perform.

Automated Entry Tracking

Track leads and sales that result from form submission and, activity completion, even if the generated actions occur offline though a simple code submission.


Dedicated support portal for any user in need of assistance with a program, feature, or an understanding of how the program works.

Data Ownership

All the data from your social sweepstakes belongs to you.

Harness the Power of Technology 

At NextBee we implement our solution with state of the art technology guaranteed for an engaging prize campaign. Our unmatchable technology features include;

Our Commitment

At NextBee, we promise to help you meet your campaign goals. Over the years, we always make big promises and more importantly, stay true to the promises pledged as: 

  • Regular seeding of messages, including play invitations and content promotion, throughout different media sites.
  • Dedicated support portal for any user in need of assistance with a program, feature, or an understanding of how the program works.
  • Support for analyzing data and identifying engagement patterns to understand which campaign is perfect for you.
  • Custom-built, branded graphics and other relevant content at no extra cost.
  • Easy to follow icon-based 'how-to' guides and entertaining support videos to encourage user engagement. 
  • Use relevant campaigns based on target audience timelines or activity trends.

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