NextBee Affiliate Sales Program

NextBee affiliate program solution is an all in one solution that has helped direct business traffic to related domains and strategically convert the traffic into productive sales. 

Foster Relationship with NextBee Program Features 

NextBee understands that success in affiliate sales is attributed to product awareness on multiple sites; thus, the features of our program solution are built around promoting your product to partners that will deliver conversion and generate revenue for business or their affiliates.

Vanity URLs

Customized vanity links that encourages email marketing and active sharing.

Advanced Tracking

Track activities and follow-up on prospects.

Targeted Omni Campaigns

NextBee program platform allows you to create multiple outbound campaigns to selected affiliates. 

Fraud Protection

Our platforms are designed to protect your affiliate program against fraudulent transactions

Single Sign On

Make it easy for members to use a universal credential to access program on integrated channels.

Explicit FX Conversion

Our program is designed to track sales in affiliates currencies with a real-time conversion to a default currency or other preset currencies.

NextBee Affiliate Sales Compensation Model

NextBee program conforms to the standard methodologies of compensation in an affiliate sales program. Our structured models which can be customized to fit into any requirement includes;

Action Triggered Compensation

Enables you to give your affiliates compensations for any pre-set activity. 

Persistent Commissions

Allows you to provide on-going commissions to affiliates for the lifecycle of the referred customer.

Shared Commissions

Designed for sharing a stipulated amount amongst target members.

Prorate Commission

The platform can be configured to assign discounts sales brought in by designated affiliates automatically. 

Data-Driven Commission

The NextBee platform can also be configured to automatically rewards affiliates based on their performances with your business KPI matrix. 

Tiered Commission

It is designed to motivate affiliates through predefined milestones. The benchmarks are built around business goals and structured like a pyramid scheme. 

Our Promise to Grow your Business with Affiliate Sales

Over the years, NextBee has designed and implemented affiliate sales program that has tracked millions of transactions and created ROI positive programs for over 300 multi-national companies and their affiliates. We always achieve these testimonies by engaging our arsenal of professionals who will help with;

  • Complete Automation of Process.
  • Give qualitative advice on reward choices based on experience.
  • Provide content to promote your program.
  • Integrate with 3rd party tools and train affiliates.
  • 24X7 technical support via multiple channels.

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