NextBee Contractor and Distributor Rewards Program

NextBee understands that your partners are highly valuable for you and the end users of your product. Over the years, we have helped leading brands design and implement successful reward programs that will engage and motivate their partners.

Best in Class Rewards Program

The advantage over our competitors is the numerous outstanding features integrated into our robust platform for a successful distributor reward program.

Seamless Transaction Tracking

Flexible tracking options for every purchase and order made by your partner. Use this data for automated promotions, recognizing trends, and offering special rewards to your top performers.

Hierarchy Based Access

Create personalized reward dashboard for contractors and distributors with metrics and rewards specific to their user segment.

Distributor Map View

Give your distributors an easy to navigate map view of all their contractors and associated revenue to give them detailed visibility into their top performers.

Tiered Rewards

Provide different rewards to partners who have reached a particular milestone defined by parameters such as revenue generated, points earned, number of transaction, and other such qualifiers.

Mobile Responsive

Your distributors can participate in your program on any device with an extension of NextBee mobile App.

Secure SSO

The single sign-on configuration allows distributors to seamlessly login into program portal with existing partnership credentials.

Detailed Insights

Your distributor reward program will provide you with access to an abundance of metrics: This data can be easily exported because the program seamlessly integrates with major CRM tools.

Real Time Update Feed

Easily communicate with your partners on current offers, upcoming events, news and valuable information, thus keeping everyone involved updated.

Exciting Rewards

Engage distributors with new rewards commensurate to their sales and predefined activities.

Administrative Controls

Your management and administrative team will have all the tools to create promotions, update points,rewards rules and much more at their disposal – while having full access to their team’s data.

Control and Optimize Your Solution for Success

with the smart control features of our platform which include;

Flexible Rule Configurator

Flexible point rules allow you to configure bonus points based on product sold, product category, time of sale, and any other tracked attribute.

Targeted Outbound Campaigns

Re-engaging dormant distributors through personal promotional credits that entice them to benefit from the program.

Configurable Settings

Uncover valuable insights with advanced analytics that help you segment and analyze patterns of activity and user behavior in both repeat and new sales.

Automated Recognition

Quality customer service for partners with adhoc rewards provided.

Complimentary Report

Generate a personalized monthly points credit statement for a snapshot of your program metrics. 

We promise to retain your customers

At NextBee, we are always committed to helping our numerous clients achieve a positive ROI, and it is our purpose for delivering customized solutions to multi-national organizations. Over the years, we always made big promises and more importantly we stay true to our commitments pledged as:

Enhanced Support

a) Expert assistance in designing a structured program.

b) Support for providing guidance and encouragement to all queries on the program.

Offer Analytical tools

Identify and re-activate dormant distributors through a mixture of interaction,  engagement, and incentives.

Relevant Content at no Extra Cost

Expert graphic design resources and professional messaging assistance in support of both broad promotions and targeted engagement of your partners.

Continued Assessment

A/B testing and evaluation integration to support program improvement 

Qualitative Recommendations and Training

Our knowledgeable personnel with extensive experience provide the best practices for promotional campaigns based on successful distributor programs.

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