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Solutions that Help Recognize, Appreciate, and Motivate Your Employees and Build Winning Culture in Your Organization

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Referral Recruitment

With Incentives That Are Tiered and Social Recognition Get Qualified Referrals for Every Job Position

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Motivate Your New Hires to Learn About Your Organization, Rules and Compliance Requirements, and Even Complete Gamified Quizzes to Earn Rewards

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Team Achievements

Recognition and Rewards that Promote Group Collaboration, Better Peer Relationships, and Team Performance

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Learning Gamification

Reward for participation, performance, and creativity in job training plus offer social recognition with badges and leaderboards.

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Recognition and Kudos

Offer noteworthy star and spotlight rewards, enable peers to recognize each other with kudos, and build a vibrant positive culture

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Sales Contests

Build healthy competition among your sales reps with custom tailored product line, territory specific smart rewards

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Service Awards

Keep the spirits high by recognizing loyalty and service of your workforce with personalized rewards

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Behavioral Rewards

Guide, nudge and give feedback to have your workforce follow the rules and policies of your organization

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Custom Module

Not Finding Something You are Looking For? Or Need Something Additional to Our Standard Modules? We can Custom Build a Module Based on our Web Services - Just Let Us Know Your Requirements

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How it works

1. Strategy

We understand your goals, learn about your users, and do technical review of necessary integration end points and systems.

2. Configure

Your assigned account manager will coordinate with our internal implementation team and your team to configure your branded portal.

3. Deploy

We will work side by side with you to get the users onboarded and train your program management team on how to monitor and update program content.

4. Optimize

We help you set KPIs aligned with business drivers and help continuously monitor, optimize, and enhance your program.

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