Online and In Store Buyers

Engagement and Incentives Directly Tied to Your Revenue Targets with Promotions That Accelerate Your Repeat and Referral Sales

Choose the Modules that Align With Your Strategy Now!

2 Way Referral Discount Codes

Drive Your Sales with Referral Program Where Users Share Savings and Earn Rewards

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Crowdsourced Content

Get Authentic Voice of Your Customers to Drive Your Brand Positioning and Build Buzz on Social Media

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Weekly Personalized Offers

Proactively Engage Your Buyers with Smart Promotions that Boost Your Sales

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Tiered Incentives for Lifetime Purchases

Reward Your Best Customers for their Loyalty and Challenge Them with Rewards that Earn Them VIP Status

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Shopping Cart and POS Plugins

Seamlessly Integrate Rewards and Referral Functionality in Your Current Purchasing Workflows

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Promotional Product Discounts

Drive Product and Category Level Incentive Programs to Drive Product Adoption, Balance Seasonal Variation, and Drive Sales of Your High Margin Products

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In-Store Check-ins and Selfies

Build Lasting Connections with Your Buyers through Personal Interactions that Truly Touch Their Lives

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Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Surprise Discounts

Customer Reactivation and Brand Building Ideas that Your Customer Would Love and Appreciate

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Custom Module

Not Finding Something You are Looking For? Or Need Something Additional to Our Standard Modules? We can Custom Build a Module Based on our Web Services - Just Let Us Know Your Requirements

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How It Works

1. Strategy

We understand your goals, learn about your users, and do technical review of necessary integration systems and end points.

2. Configure

Your assigned account manager will coordinate with our internal implementation team and your team to configure your branded portal and mobile app.

3. Deploy

We will work side by side with you to get the users onboard and train your program management team on how to monitor and update program content.

4. Optimize

We help you set KPIs aligned with business drivers and help continuously monitor, optimize, and enhance your program.

We're Keen To Make Your Program Successful!

With Ideas, Technology, and Best Service