Channel Sales

With Engaged and Motivated Reps, Boost the Productivity and Realize The Savings, Growth, and Best in Industry Customer Satisfaction Scores

Choose the Modules that Align With Your Strategy Now!

Sales Performance Incentives (SPIFs)

Smart Rules Based Incentives That Offer Tiered Rewards with Credits Tied to Partner Segments, Sales Margins, Revenue Territory, and Product Categories

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Product Training and Compliance

Motivate Your Reps To Be Resourceful with Thorough Knowledge of Your Product and Successfully Nudge them to Complete Necessary Compliance Requirements

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Product Knowledge on the Go

Mobile App and Search Portal That Allows Your Channel Team to Always Be Up to Date with the Product Knowledge and Offer Best Solutions to Your Customers

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Daily, Monthly, and Quarterly Leaderboards

Build Healthy Competition with Leaderboards That Are Tailored to Your Business Organization and Highlight the Achievements of Each Group

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Promotional Product Sales

Offer Custom Tailored Incentives to Drive New Product Adoption, Boost Margins from Channel Sales, or Clear Out Certain Inventory in Short Time Frame

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Local Events and Representation

Tap into Local Reach of Channel Team to Build Personal Connections and Drive Affinity For Your Brand through Customer Outreach

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Brand Approved Content Sharing

Social Media Marketing For Your Brand with Latest Offers, Personable Content without Worrying about Compliance or Brand Positioning

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Affiliate Sales Tools

Enable Your Partners to Offer Incentives for Referral Leads and Even Get Electronic Contracts Signed Through Commission Based Workforce

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Custom Module

Not Finding Something You are Looking For? Or Need Something Additional to Our Standard Modules? We can Custom Build a Module Based on our Web Services - Just Let Us Know Your Requirements

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How it works

1. Strategy

We understand your goals, learn about your users, and do technical review of necessary integration end points and systems.

2. Configure

Your assigned account manager will coordinate with our internal implementation team and your team to configure your branded portal.

3. Deploy

We will work side by side with you to get the users onboarded and train your program management team on how to monitor and update program content.

4. Optimize

We help you set KPIs aligned with business drivers and help continuously monitor, optimize, and enhance your program.

We're Keen To Make Your Program Successful!

With Ideas, Technology, and Best Service