Customer Advocacy, Retention, and Upsell

Build a robust community for your clients focusing on increasing retention, driving client advocacy and referrals and creating a powerful partnership with your customers.

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* Note, these projected gains based on AI simulation are additional attribution to our program - beyond the existing organic/grassroot efforts already in place.

Get Referral Sales

Drive qualified leads through engaging customer referral features targeted in making you current clients and partners advocate of your brand with personal email messages and social media posts.

Get referral sales and build social buzz now!

Number of Current 
Average Annual Customer Spend

Active Referrers

60% of Current Clients

Referral Messages

5x Per Active Referrer

Referred Leads

20% of Shares

Referred Clients

5% of Referred Leads

Revenue from Referred Clients

Spend by Top Tier (10%) Clients
Spend by Middle Tier (70%) Clients
Spend by Basic Tier (20%) Clients

Revenue Increase from
Top Tier

3% Increase


Revenue Increase from
Middle Tier

2.5% Increase

Revenue Increase from
Basic Tier

1% Increase

Total Gain =

Stop Churn & Improve Retention

Increase client spend and retention through targeted incentives based on client profiles while increasing brand affinity through an engaging, resourceful community for your clients.

Stop Churn & Improve retention through our community now!

Boost Revenue with Upsells

Boost cross channel upsell through compelling targeted incentives around personalized recommendations for related products and services that can help clients get better outcomes and more revenue opportunities for your business.

Boost Revenue and customer Lifetime Value with more upsells now!

Number of Active Clients
Maximum Per Client Upsell Potential Amount

Upsell to Top Tier (10%) Clients

15% of Maximum Value

Upsell to Middle Tier (70%) Clients

7.5% of Maximum Value

Upsell to Basic Tier (20%) Clients

2.5% of Maximum Value

Total Gain =

Current Revenue

Cost of Revenue

Revenue Boost from Promotional Ideas

1.5% of Current Revenue

Savings in Product Development

1% of Cost of Revenue

Savings in Service Delivery

0.5% of Cost of Revenue

Total Gain =

Nurture Creative Ideas

Provide your clients, partners, and employees a soundboard to share creative ideas that help you think out of the box to solve some of the most vexing problems in your process or product in surprisingly creative ways.

Nurture creative ideas to help you tap new revenue opportunity and save on your processes!

Close More Deals

Improve conversion and create a clear competitive advantage by offering incentives to customers, highlight downstream savings with brand loyalty, and offer targeted welcome rewards to enable your sales rep close more deals on the best terms.

Close More Deals and Improve Sales Cycle now!

Current Closing %
Annual Leads Volume
Average Annual Customer Spend

Gains through Discount Offers

6.6% Positive Impact

Gains through Faster Closing

5% Positive Impact

Gains with VIP Customer Status

4% Positive Impact

Total Gain =

Product Edition to Match Your Business Needs

Referrals &

Retention &

AI Powered


Branded Mobile App Everything in Referral & Advocacy Category Plus
Everything in Retention & Upsell Category Plus


Social Logins & Connectors CRM/ERP/Scheduler Integration Intelligent Activity Recommendations
Tiered Incentives In app and onsite activity 
User Segmentation
Detailed Reports Smart Analytics
Branded Web Portal
Branded Mobile App
Embedded Widgets
Customized Emails
Branded Links
Multiple Admin Users
Role Based Admin Access
Rich Profiles
Communication Preference Management
Submit Referral Lead
Submit Lead List
Email Invites
Post on Facebook
Post on Twitter
Post on LinkedIn
Post on Google Plus
Events RSVP
Upload Case Study
Record Video Case Study
Product Feedback Surveys
Onboarding Surveys
Monthly Surveys
Suggestion Polls
Best Practice Suggestion
Product Suggestion
Employee Kudos
Newsletter Sign-Ups
3rd Party Site Reviews
Invite Status View
Points Earned View
Rewards Redeemed View
Channel (sharing history) Results
Badges and Level Ups
Conditional Bonus Incentives
Multi Level Incentives
Cash Rewards
Gift Card Rewards
Customer Credits
Sweepstakes and Contests
Gamification & Tiered Incentives
Progress Bars & Wishlists
Payment Gateway Integration
Complete Data Ownership
No 3rd Party Data Sharing
Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Support
SOC 2 & ISO 9001 Compliant Data Center
Member, Activities, & Incentives Reports
Summary & Trendline Transaction Reports
Customer Success Manager
Monthly Promotions Strategy Meetings
Online Support Portal
Add-On Chat Support
Add-On Telephone Support
Add-On Telephone Support
New Customer Incentives
Repeat Order Incentives
Featured Offers
Renewal Offers
Upgrade Offers
Cross Channel Sales Offers
Family and Friends Offers
Weekly Usage Goals
All-Time Usage Goals
Invoice Upload
Personalized Recommendations
Upload Invoices
Personalized Recommendations
Newsletter Sign-Ups
Resource Portal Access
Training Guides
Warranty Information
Helpful Links
Take Quiz
Read Article
Watch Video
Product Knowledge Trivia
Product News and Updates
Conference Photo Gallery
Scheduled Reports Notification
Two Way Data Sync with CRM/ERP systems
Batch File Data Transfer
Integration with ESP and Messaging Gateways
Top User and Actions Report
Conditional Probability Analysis
Automated Anomaly Detection
Intelligent Fraud Prevention
Data Mining for Affinity and Clustering
Predictions with Regression and Time Series Forecasting
Simulation Analysis

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