PACE Methodology

Our Proprietary PACE methodology is Built Based On Years of Experience with Building Successful Programs

What's PACE?

NextBee's Programs are based on PACE Methodology with four key driving pillars that ensure every program is Personalized, Adaptive, Controlled, and Exciting to the participants. Everyone in NextBee has a single-minded focus on building the program that truly connects with your users and in turn drive business results for you. The formalized principles of our methodology help us structure and formalize these efforts.


Creating and developing strong personal relationships requires active user collaboration. This helps your business establish an emotional connection and a sense of purpose, finally leading to fulfillment. Fostering a personal relationship through your program is an effective way to provide a quality experience and earn support.


A program that adapts to users’ progress creates stability and growth. The operation and design of your program should keep evolving to match the demonstrated preference of your users. Learn what works for your users, what rewards and incentives inspire them and then focus on delivering that to your users.


Smart control is the difference between flexibility and chaos. Extensive tracking of user activity allows you to retain momentum and shape your users’ engagement effectively. Automated protection protocols help to secure data and protect the integrity of your program.


Keeping your program fresh, intuitive and fun helps to excite and engage your users. Developing a strong focus on how and why the participants interact with your program requires a continuous dedication to clarity and consistency. By following how your users engage with your program, you can develop more activities that they will return to - again and again.