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* Note, these projected gains based on AI simulation are additional attribution to our program - beyond the existing organic/grassroot efforts already in place.

Drive Referral Sales

Increase your paid subscriber and fanbase by harnessing best in class referrals tools, allowing your audience to easily share your message across all channels including offline, email, social channels, blogs and much more. Easily track conversion of these referrals through our flexible tracking technology.

Drive more qualified referrals now!

Number of
Paid Subscribers
Annual Per
Subscriber Revenue

Active Referrers

30% of Subscribers

Referral Messages and Shares

6x the Active Referrers

Referred Sign Ups

25% of Referral Messages

Paid Subscribers

15% of Referred Sign Ups

Total Gain =
Number of Sponsors
Average Sponsorship Fees

Increase in Number of Sponsors

10% Increase

Increase in Fees Per Sponsor

4% Increase

Total Gain =

Boost Sponsorship Revenue

With sponsored sweepstakes, surveys, and newsletter sign ups for segmented group of users aligned with advertising brands' preferences and locations - tap new revenue streams from your current sponsors and reach out to new segment of brand advertisers.

Boost sponsorship revenue through social engagement activities for brands!

Grow Ticket Sales for Events

Drive ticket sales, participation and even event engagement from your audience. Track and analyze the community members that attend your events and their level of engagement to create targeted offers and notifications.

Grow ticket sales for events and supercharge event engagement now!

Tickets Sold to Top Tier (20%) Members
Tickets Sold to Middle Tier (50%) Members
Tickets Sold to Basic Tier (30%) Members
Average Value of an Event Ticket 

Revenue Increase from
Top Tier

10% Gain

Revenue Increase from
Middle Tier

8% Gain

Revenue Increase from
Basic Tier

5% Gain

Total Gain =
Current Upgrade %
Available Subscribers Pool
Average Paid Subscriber Revenue

Boost from Welcome Rewards

8% Improvement

Boost from Personal Discounts

6% Improvement

Boost from VIP Member Status

5% Improvement

Total Gain =

Improve Freemium Conversion

Improve sales conversion with personalized rewards, offers, and VIP pass status which act in perfect synergy to have a significant improvement in your ability to convert the free and casual readers/listeners into paid and active members of your community.

Improve freemium conversion through targeted offers now!

Save Big with Automation

Smart assistants driven by data insights that never miss any engagement signal and make sure to build and nurture your relationships in personalized settings, at scale and ensure you can use your human capital only for creative endeavors and still deliver the service your audience demand and deserve.

Save big with automation and smart assistants now!

Annual Support Requests

Average Cost Per Request

Savings from Reduction
in Requests

15% Gain

Savings from
More Productivity

25% Gain

Total Gain =

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Referrals &

Referrals &
Social Buzz

AI Powered


Branded Mobile App Everything in Loyalty & Upsell Category Plus
Everything in Referral & Social Buzz Category Plus


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SOC 2 & ISO 9001 Compliant Data Center
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Add-On Telephone Support
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Two Way Data Sync with CRM/ERP systems
Batch File Data Transfer
Integration with ESP and Messaging Gateways
Top User and Actions Report
User Segmentation
Conditional Probability Analysis
Automated Anomaly Detection
Intelligent Fraud Prevention
Data Mining for Affinity and Clustering
Predictions with Regression and Time Series Forecasting
Simulation Analysis

Our Success Stories

Sacramento Bee creates a powerful community of readers engaging and sharing their content empowers new book sales through Fan Advocates using NextBee's community engine

McClatchy Newspaper creates multiple communities for their markets boosting content engagement and sponsor revenue.