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Discover – Analyze – Engage

NextBee’s big data analytics service presents a unique opportunity to offer a deeper understanding of your user base. We enable you to collect enterprise wide data and based on the detailed actionable insights build a turnkey custom-tailored engagement program to enact a positive change across every user group segment.

NextBee Big Data Analytics Services

Data Connectors

Our data discovery process is set to connect data from Hadoop file system and no-sql databases, as well as traditional RDBMS systems. Further, we can help you get data directly from your enterprise applications including CRM, ERP, Messaging, Scheduling, and Accounting Systems.

Data Ingestion

We offer support for both streaming and batch data import and set up bespoke data validation and alerts to ensure robust ingestion process. We work with your team to set up necessary automation and build necessary tooling to avoid delays and bottlenecks in the process.

Data Preparation

We understand every department in your organization has set business practices, associated data format and handling formats – we work with your teams to identify and set up data pools as per the preference of each stakeholder.


We specialize in clustering your data set to create meaningful representation without significant information loss to help with privacy, governance issues, as well as having speedier and less resource intensive data discovery process.

Anomaly Detection

We identify in your initial dataset (and then configure continuous monitoring to detect) anomalies with data points exceeding expected range, frequency, and correlation violation which play a critical role in building robust training models.

Data Visualization

We work with decision makers in your team to create dashboards that offer personalized interactive graphs and charts, helping you extract value from the complex data systems and truly democratize the data-driven decision making across your organization.

Prediction & Inference

Using advanced regression techniques (calculations for which we will share with your team), we will help you with your resource planning as well as share analysis of business impact as you vary the control variables such as engagement incentives within your user group.


Based on specialized computational modeling derived from the analytical insights and our understanding of qualitative user/social drivers, we will help you design optimized engagement solutions with very high level of confidence in your success.

Custom Analysis

We also support unique data governance and discovery needs including specialty data clean up, data monitoring, analysis, onsite presence, and training requirements.

NextBee Advantage

Domain Expertise

Our domain expertise and specialty in understanding trends in user engagement

Personal Attention

Our personal attention to each account that ensures full understanding of the context of your data with a dedicated data analyst assigned to your project throughout the lifecycle of engagement

Integral Benchmarking

Our integrated process of combining and benchmarking your internal data against market wide trends


Our transparency in sharing all the calculations used in predicting results


Our flexibility to use a wide range of tools and processes from ETLs, Ad Hoc Queries, Regression Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Machine Learning, and Stream Processing.

"Small Data" Specialty

Every engagement program that you run with NextBee comes with the most sophisticated “small data” analytics that is big on insights to help you clearly analyze the qualitative and objective results.

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