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Personalized Care, Revenue Boost, and Referrals

Create a resourceful and exciting community for your patients, while increasing revenue for your practice through NextBee's patient community platform.

User Experience
That Excites

Zero Support &
IT Integration Efforts

Flexible Pricing

We Stand By Our Results

* Note, these projected gains based on AI simulation are additional attribution to our program - beyond the existing organic/grassroot efforts already in place.

Boost Non-Surgical Revenue

Offer exciting perks and specials and transform your patients into loyal members of your practice while generating recurring revenue for your business through NextBee’s built in tiered-member features.

Boost non-surgical revenue through membership plans now!

Billing for Top Tier (10%) Patients
Billing for Middle Tier (70%) Patients
Billing for Starter Tier (20%) Patients

Boost from Top Tier

10% Increase

Boost from Middle Tier

5% Increase

Boost from Starter Tier

3% Increase

Total Gain =
Number of Patients
Average Annual Patient Spend

Active Referrers

20% Patients

Referral Messages

5x Active Referrers

Referred Consultations

15% of Referral Messages

Referred Patients

35% of Referred Consultations

Incremental Referral Revenue

Average Annual Patient Spend * Referred Patients

Get Patient Referrals

Boost patient referrals and overall social advocacy by offering easy to use sharing tools and allowing your patients to advocate your practice across online and offline channels. Seamlessly track and reward the patients that recommend friends to your practice.

Get more patient referrals and boost referral revenue now!

Build Social Brand

Boost your online reputation and get positive reviews on site such as Real Self, Real Patient, Google and More! While offering engaging content to patients to share across all major social channels to maximize your social impact.

Build your social brand through patient advocacy now!

Annual New Patients
Average Annual Patient Spend

Revenue Increase with More Inquiries

5% Boost

Revenue Gain with Higher % Onboarding

3% Boost

Patient Spend Increase With Peer Suggestions

2% Boost

Total Gain =
Number of Patients
Lost Patients Per Year
Average Annual Patient Spend

Increase from Per Patient Spend

5% Boost

Gain from Attrition Reduction

7.5% Boost

Total Gain =

Deliver Personalized Care

Increase patient satisfaction and boost results by creating personalized care plans for patients to follow the best post treatment care practices leading to positive results! Easily track patient progress through the care plans.

Deliver Personalize Care and improve patient satisfaction now!

Adopt Best Practices

Automate manual processes, reduce manual effort and provide your staff more time to focus on the important aspects of growing your practice. While driving revenue from costs savings in support costs.

Adopt Best Practices and improve patient support now!

Number of Annual Care Calls

Cost of Every Care Call

Savings from Reduction
in Calls

15% Expense Reduction

Savings from More Efficient

30% Expense Reduction

Total Gain =

Product Edition to Match Your Business Needs

Referrals &

Loyalty &
Care Plans

AI Powered


Branded Mobile App Everything in Referrals & Advocacy Plus
Everything in Loyalty & Care Plan Plus


Social Logins & Connectors CRM/ERP/Scheduler Integration Intelligent Activity Recommendations
Tiered Incentives In app and onsite activity 
User Segmentation
Detailed Reports Smart Analytics
Branded Web Portal
Branded Mobile App
Embedded Widgets
Customized Emails
Branded Links
Multiple Admin Users
Role Based Admin Access
Rich Profiles
Communication Preference Management
Send Email Invite
Import Contacts
Submit Referral Lead
Post on Facebook
Post on Twitter
Post on Instagram
Post on Google Plus
Share Printable Cards
Promotional Banners
View Invite Status
View Reward Redeemed Status
View sharing Channel Status
Facebook Like
Twitter Follow
Retweet Post
Share Facebook Post
Share Promotional Messages
New Patient Survey
Monthly Survey
Procedure Suggestions
3rd Party Site Reviews
Conditional Bonus Incentives
Multi Level Incentives
Cash Rewards
Gift Card Rewards
Customer Credits
Sweepstakes and Contests
Payment Gateway Integration
Get New Procedure
Buy VIP/Perks Membership
Featured Specials
Repeat Treatments
Double Reward Points
Weekly Flash Specials
Friends and Family Offers
Daily/Weekly Post Procedure Care Goals
Self Improvement Goals
Progress Check-In
Knowledge (Resources) Search
Newsletter Signup
Resource Portal
Event RSVP
Event Check-In
Before and After Picture Upload
Social Share Hashtags
Progress Bars & Wishlists
Gamification & Tiered Incentives
Badges and Level Ups
API Access
Scheduled Reports Notification
Two Way Data Sync with CRM/ERP systems
Batch File Data Transfer
Integration with ESP and Messaging Gateways
Top User and Actions Report
User Segmentation
Conditional Probability Analysis
Automated Anomaly Detection
Intelligent Fraud Prevention
Data Mining for Affinity and Clustering
Predictions with Regression and Time Series Forecasting
Simulation Analysis

Our Success Stories

Dr. Parsons Gets Social Buzz with Engaged Patient Community

SixMonthsSmiles Improves Per Client Revenue through Membership Tiers

Stago Gets Better Retention through Tenure Rewards

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