Advocacy, Referrals, and Social Branding

Stay connected with your previous co-workers and provide them the opportunity to become advocates for your org and drive qualified talent acquisition and refer sales.

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* Note, these projected gains based on AI simulation are additional attribution to our program - beyond the existing organic/grassroot efforts already in place.

Boost Referral Hires

Drive new qualified applications by leveraging the network of your previous coworkers who understand and advocate your culture. Allow alumni to share specific positions or share your open opportunities across offline events, email and social media to recruit new talent!

Boost talent acquisition through referrals now!

Active Corporate Alumni
Cost of Hiring a
New Employee

Active Referrers

50% of Active Alumni

Referred Candidates

10x of Active Referrers

Interested Candidates

20% of Referred Candidates

Hired Applicants

5% of Referred Applicants

Total Savings on Hiring


New Customers in a Year
Average Annual Customer Spend

Gain from Social Media Leads

2% Boost

Improved Conversion with
Social Proof

1.5% Boost

Better Conversion through Social Connections

0.5% Boost

Total Gain =

Grow Business through Grassroot Advocacy

A closely knit alumni community builds a brand based on shared values and principals that help you create your identity in the marketplace, giving you leg up against your competition. Improved reputation management and online presence allows for more sales leads through social proof.

Grow your business through your alumni grassroots advocacy now!

Nurture Creative Ideas

Your corporate alumni are uniquely positioned to have experience on industry best practices as an outsider and as the ultimate insider. Their view of your processes and products allows them to suggest ideas that work. Provide easy submissions of these suggestions and track analytics on the subsequent change.

Nurture creative ideas through alumni's now!

Gross Revenue

Cost of Revenue

Ideas that Help Reduce Cost
1% of Cost of Revenue

Ideas that Help Marketing
0.5% of Gross Revenue 

Ideas that Improve Productivity
0.4% of Cost of Revenue

Total Gain =
Number of Rehires
Onboarding Cost For New Hires

Savings in Skills Training


20% Gain

Savings in Knowledge Transfer


15% Gain

Savings from Cultural Match


5% Gain

Total Gain =

Save on New Hire Onboarding

Lower the costs of onboarding employees by rehiring your alumni. Doing so will create more quality work output sooner and you can be sure to have less risks and more gains per new rehire.

Realize great savings by focusing on rehires for open positions!

Save on Specialty Gigs & Contracts

Tap into your trained and skilled workforce to help with temporary assignments or contract jobs where you need to move fast and have high confidence in the outcomes. You have already made the investment - get the most out of your skilled resources even with changing business dynamics within your organization.

Save on specialty project and contract hiring by having ready access to your alumni!

Number of Contract Hires
Average Spend Per Contract Hire

Saving from Faster Onboarding

2.5% Gain

Savings from Better Productivity

2% Gain

Savings from Precise Skill Match

1.6% Gain

Total Gain =

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Leads &

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Batch File Data Transfer
Integration with ESP and Messaging Gateways
Top User and Actions Report
User Segmentation
Conditional Probability Analysis
Automated Anomaly Detection
Intelligent Fraud Prevention
Data Mining for Affinity and Clustering
Predictions with Regression and Time Series Forecasting
Simulation Analysis

Our Success Stories

AMN Healthcare drives new employee applications using alumni community

FirstString drives online reviews and advocacy through their NextBee community

Radiantech Consultancy firm drives revenue from opportunities referred by associates and their network