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A platform that is built around bringing creative marketing ideas to fruition and in turn handling unique business requirements, complex IT requirements, and challenging ROI goals.

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Multi-Touch Point Experience

NextBee's platform significantly increases visibility and thus adoption for your program by providing multiple access points. Participants can easily access the program on their desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, and have a design experience built for their device

Our Commitment

Over the years, our programs have enjoyed the cachet that sets us apart; this is because of the unmatched features, agency level consultation and our relentless pursuit of making ROI positive programs

Metrics Driven

Every user interaction we track, every touch point, and every type of incentive we support is based on thorough results analysis. You can be rest assured that each component of your program will be optimized to maximize ROI.

Full Service

NextBee's seasoned team of account managers, developers, designers, and copywriters will take your program all the way from vision to launch. You can expect strategic consultation based on our accumulated experience and industry best practices to make sure that the product you launch is best-in-class.

No Brick Walls

Being a technology company, NextBee offers utmost flexibility when it comes to integration. After learning about unique technology stack IT resource availability and your team's preference, our highly qualified products team will offer an integration roadmap specifically tailored to your needs.

Turnkey, Yet Customizable

To match your needs, we have built our solution as a cluster of programmable web services that can be configured within a short interval to build your program as unique and innovative as your brand.

Our Methodology

NextBee's PACE Methodology - a systematic way of pursuing actions 
which keeps focus where it belongs: on your users’ experience.

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