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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Gamification for Alumni Activation

Now you can motivate the capture of detailed profile information on sign up. Encourage frequent engagement on social media. Ensure your videos are widely viewed. Reward members just for opening your app. Use profile badges, social recognition, dynamic leaderboards, tiered benefits, micro-learning, and similar strategies.

Boost Engagement & Social Activity

Generate tighter connections between your alumni by recognizing those who are active on forums or who make a point of engaging with newly joined alumni . Incentivize the social sharing of videos, announcements and marketing collateral. Use machine learning to place your users in dynamic segments. for targeted engagement based on their lifecycle journey.

Put Brand Collateral to Work

Now you can increase excitement in and among your alumni members and boost engagement metrics using automated sweepstakes. Create your own activity triggers for sweepstakes entries, such as social sharing, forum posts, accessing resources, generating community content, and nearly any other tracked activity.

Create Engaging, Interactive Experiences

Whether a national gathering of alumni, local get-together, or an online-only experience, create exciting engagement around your next alumni event. Poll alumni regularly, incentivize panel engagement, encourage feedback from attendees and vendors, offer fun games, and keep alumni motivated using leaderboards, social recognition, and points that lead to great rewards.

Activate Segmented Donor Networks

Leverage your donor network to drive greater participation and create more active donors among your alumni with the charity drive workflow. Now, from within your current systems, you can identify a cause, set a goal, target a segment, and track participation, with triggered messages keeping everyone informed of the overall progress, and the ways they have contributed.

Get Inside the Mind of Your Alumni

Gain insights into how your alumni view new community features, ideas for the future, and current engagement efforts by administering polls. See real-time results, generate new polls with ease, and incentivize your community to participate with nearly any type of reward, including non-monetary rewards proven to motivate engagement.

Leverage Your Alumni to Grow

Now you can capture new engagement ideas from your alumni, track ideas that generate the most alumni support, and reward those alumni whose ideas improve your alumni community. The ideas capture workflow makes it easy by embedding seamlessly into your current systems, with the ability to be placed at nearly every touchpoint and in every message.

Detailed Data Capture & Activation

Increase your volume of alumni referrals using proven gamification workflows. Now, a variety of referral opportunities can be presented at virtually every point of contact, with tiered incentives to reward those who most effectively help expand your alumni community. Plus personalized referral links, social integration, and even offline referral tracking.