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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Place Offers at Every Touchpoint

You can now add promotional offers directly in the shopping cart as well as at nearly any other touchpoint or within any message. Tie offers to specific product categories and individual skus, set purchasing rules and easily configure controls, and add gamified activity and incentive tiers to a near guaranteed boost.

Use Offers to Increase Visits

You can encourage more frequent visits and sales with the surprise and delight workflow. Offer surprise incentives at the point of purchase to encourage loyalty and increase purchase frequency. The workflow can also help you to segment your users based on their customer lifecycle journey and create surprise incentives personalized to each segment.

Top Up Offers

When your customers receive a physical rewards card, future purchase discount, or any other reward, you can now include and present an additional benefit, for an additional activity. When sending a new sign up bonus, automatically include a reward offer for a successful referral. When a discount code is entered into your shopping cart, automatically present a larger discount for bundling an additional product.

Highlight the Value of Your Offers

You can now automatically track the combined value of every offer, promotion and discount used and display to your customer their lifetime savings, as percentage or in total dollars, at nearly any touchpoint. The workflow embeds perfectly into your current website, shopping cart, CRM and POS to display a personalized savings tracker for each customer.

Use Offers for Qualified Referrals

Now you can leverage your offers by increasing their value automatically whenever a referral proves successful. Smart controls ensure only qualified referrals that meet your requirements will result in the offer boost, and you can even set multiple tier boosts or tie the offer benefit to a set number of regular referrals within a timeframe in order to sustain the premium benefit.

Boost Revenue with Combined Offers

The automated multi-brand workflow can help you open a new channel of potential sales by offering an online marketplace featuring offers from your partners. You increase your revenue through every marketplace sale while deepening valuable partnerships.

Detailed Data Capture & Activation

Ensures your customers are on the right track towards completing valuable goals. Capture enhanced profile information , encourage customers to participate in micro-learning, solicit feedback, reviews, and referrals . Configure your workflow for nearly any kind of consumer journey and can also include gamified motivators.