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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Gamification Increases Your Sales

You can now recognize your most valuable customers by offering premier access to higher tiers that promise bigger, better rewards. Our gamification tools motivate your loyal customers to share on social, refer more often, and participate in promotions with dynamic leaderboards. Easily encourage product micro-learning with digital treasure hunts.

Increase Visits and Sales

Our Surprise & Delight Workflow encourages more frequent visits and sales. Offer surprise incentives at the point of purchase to encourage loyalty and increase purchase frequency. The workflow can also help you to segment your users based on their customer lifecycle journey and create surprise incentives personalized to each segment.

Highlight the Value of Loyalty Savings

You can now automatically track the combined value of every promotion and discount offer used and display to your customer their lifetime savings, as percentage or in total dollars, at nearly any touchpoint. The workflow embeds perfectly into your current website, shopping cart, CRM and POS to display a personalized savings tracker for each customer.

Bundle Incentives to Drive Revenue

You can now automatically serve up additional products for cross sales, along with an incentive for bundling the combined product offers. The opportunity to increase sales along is clearly immense, and the workflow embeds seamlessly into your website and shopping cart, creating cross sell potential with every click and sale.

Charity Drives Activate Your Customers

Encourage greater loyalty by inviting your customers to participate in collectively supporting a worthy cause with the charity drive workflow. It embeds into your current systems, allowing you to identify a cause, set a goal, and track participation, with triggered messages keeping everyone informed of the overall progress, and the ways they have contributed.

Capture Detailed Data to Activate

Use the automated onboarding checklist workflow to keep your customers on the right track. Capture enhanced profiles, encourage micro-learning, solicit feedback, reviews, and regular referrals. You can adapt the workflow for nearly any kind of customer journey, and include a variety of gamified motivators like social recognition, badges and leaderboards.

Stimulate Product Advocacy & Brand Value

You can measurably boost advocacy around your products using the social buzz workflow. It helps you to incentivize customers to engage on the social platform of their choice using social recognition, badges, leaderboards, gamified tiers, and points that can convert into almost anything, like future purchase discounts and even charitable donations.

Incentivize Product Launches & Events

The event’s workflow can incentivize check-in, track participation, and motivate valuable engagement around your brand and products. Boost your new products, motivate micro-learning, capture early reviews and testimonials, encourage engagement using polls and quizzes, and it all works with your events management software.