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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Capture Everyone and Grow

Turn every connection into your Advocate - customers, influencers, affiliates, partners, and even employees. Now you can identify, analyze, segment, target, and grow using advanced engagement science and automated workflows. Tools proven in hundreds of custom configurations and in markets and industries worldwide, and ready to go to work for you.

Drive Referral Quality & Volume

Now you can offer your advocates a diversified range of incentives for specific referral use cases, including premier rewards of a higher value for those advocates who prove most effective at driving referrals. In addition, referral leaderboards, exciting profile badges, automated social recognition, and multi-level rewards all work to increase referral success.

Motivate Users with Friendly Rivalry

Deploy regular contests to encourage specific activities such as sharing on social media, offering a review, commenting in a forum, answering a product question, referring more often, completing a learning module, scoring high on a quiz, and much more. Include segmented leaderboards as a dynamic motivator and the chance to win nearly any kind of reward.

Multiply Your Advocacy Activities

You can now automatically serve up additional advocacy activities, such as providing a quick review or sharing a promotion on social media, along with a points incentive for bundling the two activities. The opportunity to increase advocacy alone is clearly immense, and the workflow embeds seamlessly into your website and mobile app for accelerated activation

Charity Drives to Activate Advocates

Change the game and encourage greater engagement by not rewarding your advocates. Instead, invite them to participate in collectively supporting a worthy cause.Identify a cause, set a goal, and track participation. Triggered messages keep everyone informed of the overall progress.

Deploy Machine Learning

Take advocacy activity to the next level by utilizing predictive insights through machine learning to transform how you segment advocates likely to engage. Group your advocates into segments based on their demonstrated activity preferences, and offer incentives personalized to each tier for a near-guaranteed advocate boost.

Boost Advocacy with Sweepstakes

With the sweepstakes workflow, you can now increase excitement and grow your active advocate base. Create a structure that rewards advocates with a sweepstake entry for every referral. Add a sweepstakes featuring a great reward with entries reserved only for those whose referrals proved successful.

Incentivize Product Launches & Events

The event’s workflow can incentivize check-in, track participation, and motivate valuable engagement around your brand and products. Boost your new products, motivate micro-learning, capture early reviews and testimonials, and encourage engagement using polls and quizzes.