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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Capture Everyone and Grow

Your loyal customers, brand advocates, influencers, affiliates, partners, and even employees - now you can identify, analyze, segment, target, and grow using advanced engagement science and automated workflows. Tools proven in hundreds of custom configurations and in markets and industries worldwide, and ready to go to work for you.

Use Gamification for High Quality Referrals

Go beyond offering a reward for a successful referral, gamify every step and accelerate success. Offer social recognition, profile badges, and create leaderboards to motivate an increase in volume. And boost quality with a multi-tiered incentive structure that automatically provides greater rewards for those who consistently demonstrate success. Encourage referrals for high margin products, whole categories, limited-time offers, and more.

Power Activities for an Acquisition Boost

Prompt your current customers to share their most recent purchase with a great reward for them, and a promotional offer for their friends, family and colleagues. The reward for your current customer can be automatically triggered and includes smart controls to ensure a valid new purchase. And, you can even provide multi-level referral rewards too.

Deploy Machine Learning

Take demand generation to the next level by utilizing predictive insights through machine learning to transform how you segment users likely to successfully engage. Group your program users into segments based on their demonstrated activity preferences, and offer incentives personalized to each tier of user for a near-guaranteed demand boost.

Clearly Demonstrate Your Benefits

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging the power of data. Administer the value tracker workflow to automatically track, calculate and display the overall lifetime benefit of every promotion and discount offer used, Plus, include a call to action to share your latest products and services, important news, upcoming events, and more.

Boost Sign Ups with Sweepstakes

With the sweepstakes workflow, you can increase excitement and capture new customers for your business. Create a structure that rewards current customers with a sweepstake entry for every referral of any type. Then, add a separate sweepstakes featuring a great reward with entries reserved only for customers whose referrals proved successful.

Create a Successful, Buzz Worthy Experience

Encourage valuable connections at trade shows and boost interest and attendance for your own online and in-person events by deploying the events workflows. Motivate attendees to rate, review, and refer new products and just launched services. Create gamified journeys and recognize success with leaderboards and social recognition. And invite attendees to share their experiences with multiple touchpoints for exciting and successful events.

Turn Announcements into Opportunities

Do more than inform your customers, engage them with the newsfeed workflow and generate even more new customer acquisition. The workflow delivers important information exactly where and how you want, along with a gamified incentive for sharing, such as a premier profile badge. Plus, you can include polling to boost interest, short quizzes for information capture, and much more.