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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Boost Product Knowledge for an Ongoing Lift

Offer an incentive to dormant partners for learning more about your products, and a great reward for those who go on to promote them or place an order. Reward your partners for completing product training missions, recognize top performers through channel specific leaderboards, and provide performance badges for those who go above and beyond.

Increase Your Daily Revenue

You can reactivate partners and encourage more frequent site visits and sales with the surprise and delight workflow. Offer surprise incentives for partner engagement and to encourage a new purchase after a period of dormancy. The workflow can also help you to segment your partners based on their lifecycle journey and create surprise incentives personalized to each segment.

Focus on High Margin and Exclusive Products

Now you can place your high margin and exclusive products front and center. Administering the workflow allows you to upsell and cross sell your best products. It helps you identify specific products on the sku level and present those as recommendations along with sales history recommendations and an incentive for bundling.

Trigger Your Customer’s Next Order

Administer the Incentive Personalization workflow to transform how you encourage purchase frequency. The workflow provides the incentive most likely to trigger a customer’s next purchase, such as a dynamic cashback offer based on order amount or volume, their current reward tier, and enjoy a measurable sales boost.

Leverage Relationships to Generate Revenue

The automated partner product workflow, combined with a custom configured online and in-app marketplace, provides you with the ability to offer discounts on partner products as an incentive for their current customers. Automated offers for partner products can help you capture a greater percentage of sales and deepen valuable collaborations and partnerships.

Create a Successful, Buzz Worthy Experience

Now you can incentivize dormant partners to visit during a trade show or build engagement around your event. Gauge the reception of new products and the impact of demonstrations through polls and quizzes. Encourage greater participation with leaderboards. Give reactivated partners their due with social recognition and incentivize panel participation -- all to encourage valuable interactions.

Target & Automate Early Payment Discounts

Just by deploying this workflow, you can potentially reduce the number of outstanding or overdue invoices from high-risk segments by as much as 20%. Offer an early-payment credit to those suppliers and manufacturers who settle invoices earlier than the 30-day, 90-day, or a similar contracted time-frame, with automated incentives and targeted messaging.

Detailed Data Capture & Activation

Ensures your customers are on the right track towards completing valuable goals. Capture enhanced profile information , encourage customers to participate in micro-learning, solicit feedback, reviews, and referrals . Configure your workflow for nearly any kind of consumer journey and can also include gamified motivators.