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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Gamification Boosts Revenue

You can now recognize your most valuable guests by offering premier access to higher tiers of better rewards and similar gamification strategies. Motivate your loyal guests to share on social, refer more often, participate in promotions with dynamic leaderboards, and encourage brand micro-learning with digital treasure hunts.

Encourage More On Site Spend

Providing a multi-level incentive structure helps you increase on-site spend, while also motivating a boost in upgrades in order to reach or maintain the highest reward tier. You can further leverage profile badges, leaderboards and social recognition to increase activity participation, seasonal promotions, and brand awareness.

Trigger More Frequent Stays

Transform your ability to boost the frequency and length of stays with the incentive personalization workflow. Easy to implement, and gives you the ability to offer the incentive most likely to trigger a guest’s next reservation, such as a promotional offer based on the season, number of days, or reward tier, resulting in a measurable increase in reservation frequency.

Motivate Guests to Share Great Experiences

Increase your volume of guest referrals and qualified vacation ownership referrals using proven automated workflows. Referral opportunities can be presented at nearly every point of contact, with tiered incentives to reward those who prove most effective. Plus personalized referral links, social integration, and offline referrals.

Highlight the Value of Loyalty Savings

You can now automatically track the combined value of every promotion and discount offer used and display to your guests their lifetime savings, as percentage or in total dollars, at nearly any touchpoint. The workflow can also be configured to compare total lifetime spend with the value of vacation ownership, and trigger only when a guest’s spend exceeds that value.

Boost Revenue with Combined Offers

The automated multi-brand workflow can help you open a new channel of potential sales by offering an online marketplace featuring partner discounts, such as local tours, exciting activities and similar vacation experiences. You increase your revenue through every marketplace sale while deepening valuable partnerships.

Stimulate Product Advocacy & Brand Value

You can measurably boost advocacy around your properties using the social buzz workflow. It helps you incentivize guests to engage on social media using recognition, badges, leaderboards, gamified tiers, and points that can convert into almost anything, like future reservation discounts and even charitable donations.

Offer a Selection of Reward Choices

Offer nearly anything as a reward. Discounts on future stays and on site activities, reservation options free of black out dates, your own branded merchandise, popular third party gift cards, and everything is automatically tracked. Plus, the tax implications handled for every state (and multiple countries too).