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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Turn Your Associates into Product & Sales Experts

Create regular product and category journeys and offer micro-trainings in sales and customer service. Use quizzes, profile badges, social recognition and other gamified incentives to encourage progress and great rewards for subject mastery. Identify top performers to recruit as mentors, team leaders and shift supervisors.

Schedule & Switch Shifts at the Speed of a Tap

In addition to pushing your regular schedule to employee smartphones as soon as it is set, now your retail associates can post a request to swap one of their shifts with a fellow team member, with managers retaining control over final approval. Plus, the feature can be used for associates to claim open shifts with multi-location support built-in as well.

Exceed Targets with Team Rewards

Tying the responsibility for meeting and exceeding sales targets to a team reward keeps everyone accountable to each other. Not only does the team reward workflow keep everyone on track towards maintaining a high level of success, the recognition improves team dynamics, job satisfaction, and retention too.

Improve Team Dynamics and Culture

The kudos workflow places that ability for employees to motivate each other directly into each employees’ hands, with embedded manager controls for review and control. When a big sale is closed, excellent customer service provided, or best practices perfectly demonstrated, fellow team members can bring attention to their good work.

Reward Retail Associates with Recognition

Store Managers pushing in-app recognition for a job well done, and making sure every employee - within a department, at a particular location, area, district, region, or the entire company - sees that recognition, improves retention and helps to encourage your associates continue to do their best when reaching towards sales and other company goals.

Put Product Collateral & Trainings to Work

Now you can ensure best practices, how-to guides, and similar materials are always accessible and help guarantee continual compliance with corporate and individual store policies. Go further by tracking which employees engage with your resources, reward them with badges as they accumulate knowledge and expertise, and recruit them to act as mentors.

Gain Insights from Your Retail Associates

Now you and your store managers can quickly solicit employee feedback on new products, customer service efforts, upcoming promotions, and any other topic with the polls workflow. You can incentivize participation, the sharing of results, and even develop a per-store NPS score to track employee satisfaction.

Offer a Selection of Reward Choices

Extended breaks, preferred scheduling, branded merchandise, popular third party gift cards, experiential rewards, and everything automatically tracked with the tax implications handled for every state (and multiple countries too). When it comes to retaining great associates and exceptional teams, choice is the first reward.