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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Personalized Choice is a Reward

In addition to providing a cash reward card, offer a choice of 100+ branded egift cards for your customers to select. Physical cards will be sent by mail with digital selections arriving by email within minutes. And with NextBee, you can also select any product on the Amazon marketplace, offer exciting vacation rewards, create sweepstakes, and provide personalized redemption links.

Leverage Rewards for More Sales

Now you can do more than simply hand out rewards to your customers, leverage them for even greater activation towards valuable engagement activities. Include triggered messages that remind customers of the reward card balance, along with recommendations for ways they can earn even more rewards. And, it all stays tracked in your current systems.

Include Gamification for a Bigger Boost

You can now recognize your most valuable customers with access to higher tiers of better future rewards and similar gamification strategies. Motivate your loyal customers to share on social, refer more often, participate in promotions with dynamic leaderboards, and encourage product micro-learning with digital treasure hunts.

Increase Site Visits and Activity Activation

Encourage more frequent visits and valuable user activities with the surprise and delight workflow. Offer a surprise bonus points incentive to trigger an immediate action, such as sharing on social media, or submitting a qualified referral. The workflow can also help you to segment users based on their lifecycle journey and create surprise incentives personalized to each segment.

Tap Your Unredeemed Card Balance

Rewards represent recognition for achieving a hard earned goal, for doing something of value on behalf of a company or organization you care about, for a willingness to do whatever it takes. Surprisingly, the monetary value can be secondary to that initial jolt of accomplishment. Whatever the reason, when a rewards card goes unredeemed, that balance is returned to you.

Bundle Activities to Drive Engagement

Automatically serve up additional engagement activities, such as providing a quick review or sharing a promotion on social media, along with a points incentive for bundling the two activities. The opportunity to increase advocacy alone is clearly immense, and the workflow embeds seamlessly into your website and mobile app for accelerated activation with every click and sale.

Get Inside the Mind of Your Users

Now you can easily poll your users on new features, current processes, and future efforts with NextBee’s seamlessly integrated polls workflow. View real-time poll results, easily generate new polls, and you can even include an incentive for participation. The module integrates seamlessly with most current systems for a disruption free workflow.

Increase Sales with Brand Advocacy

You can measurably boost advocacy around your second hand marketplace using the social buzz workflow. It helps you to incentivize customers to engage on the social platform of their choice using social recognition, badges, leaderboards, gamified tiers, and points that can convert into almost anything, like future discounts and even charitable donations.