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Workflows to Accelerate Your Success

Leverage Engagement Science

Our technology enables you to identify common attributes among your customers and place each into specific segments related to their customer lifecycle journey. Activities and incentives are then calibrated for each segment, allowing you to engage more effectively with at-risk customers, convert your best customers advocates, and recognize those who demonstrate an ability to refer new customers too.

Detailed Data Capture & Activation

Increase your volume of customer referrals using proven automated workflows. Now a variety of referral opportunities can be presented at virtually every point of contact, with tiered incentives to reward those who prove most effective. Plus personalized referral links, social integration, and even offline referral tracking to help power qualified referrals.

Power Your Business with Lead Submission

In addition to referrals, you can now motivate your current customers to submit qualified leads directly to your sales team, with smart controls in place to ensure rewards are only triggered when verified. Offer tiered incentives to reward your most active lead generators, and keep everything tracked in your current sales system.

Gamification Increases Your Sales

You can now easily retain your most valuable customers using premier access to higher tiers of better rewards and similar gamification strategies. Motivate your customers to share on social, refer more often, participate in promotions with dynamic leaderboards, and encourage product micro-learning with digital treasure hunts.

Increase Visits and Sales

You can encourage more frequent visits and sales with the surprise and delight workflow. Offer surprise incentives at the point of purchase to encourage an increase in purchase frequency. The workflow can also help you to segment your users based on their customer lifecycle journey and create surprise incentives personalized to each segment.

Highlight Savings to Boost Retention

You can now automatically track the combined value of every promotion and discount offer used and display to your customer their lifetime savings, as percentage or in total dollars, at nearly any touchpoint. The workflow embeds perfectly into your current website, shopping cart, CRM and POS to display a personalized savings tracker for each customer.

Generate Activity with Regular Sweepstakes

Now you can increase excitement among your customers and boost retention metrics using automated sweepstakes. Create your own activity triggers to earn entries, such as a lead submission, liking and sharing news items on social media, and nearly any other tracked activity.

Charity Drives Activate Your Customers

Provide a choice of incentives to increase the quality and quantity of referrals. From no-cost contest and sweepstakes entries, to your own low-cost branded merchandise, discounts on future purchases, gift cards and other direct cash incentives, and even big ticket items - the workflow makes it easy for you to always include the most effective incentive.